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Healthcare-enabled fraud

A pre-action protocol for Scottish clinical negligence claims is coming: what can we expect?

Fraud - Healthcare

The continued evolution of medical negligence claims in Northern Ireland


Understanding when a healthcare claim can be passed to another party

Hospital 2

Fixed recoverable costs in lower damages clinical negligence claims

Recoverable costs of attending an inquest

Caution before admission - the consequences of early admissions pre-inquest

Implications of Covid-19 for Nursing and Care Homes

Care Homes and the Covid-19 Pandemic

Healthcare-enabled fraud

Expert and agency fee notes must be provided

Know your doctor

A Doctor’s Duty – who is the patient?

Consent In Clinical NegligenceHero Image Final

Evolution of consent in clinical negligence

The importance of defendants obtaining robust medical evidence in NIHL claims

The ongoing impact of COVID-19 on Healthcare professionals

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