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Changes to recoverable NHS charges


The new recoverable NHS charges have just been published for injuries occurring after 1 April 2023 under the Personal Injuries (NHS Charges) (Amounts) (Amendment) Regulations 2023/220.

Where the injured person is provided with NHS ambulance services, the charge will be £238 (previously £231).

Where the injured person receives NHS treatment, but is not admitted to hospital the charge will be £788 (previously £766).

The daily charge for NHS inpatient treatment will be £968 (previously £941) and the maximum charge has increased to £57,892 (previously £56,260).

The table below illustrates the significant increases occurring over the past six years:

1st April 201820868884650,561
1st April 201921972589153,278
1st April 202022474391354,566
1st April 202122574491554,682
1st April 202223176694156,260
1st April 202323878896857,892


Unlike recoverable benefits such payments are not deductible from compensation but the compensator is entitled to pay only the proportion of such charges according to the liability split. For example, if a claim is concluded on a 50/50 basis only 50% of the above charges are repayable. It is important that any agreement or adjudication upon liability split is evidenced by correspondence or Order for submission to CRU.

Jamie McCabe

Jamie McCabe


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